Scholastic Preview: 10/04/11 (Tuesday)

Tuesday, October 4 provides us with the start of Week 4’s competitions. Breaking away from the norm of a Saturday competition, Roosevelt hosts their Invitational, the Downriver Fanfare, starting at 5:00pm in Wyandotte. The school is located at 540 Eureka Road. 16 bands perform, with the Wilson Middle School band opening the show. Class C starts at 5:15pm. A full schedule is available here.

Tickets are $7 for adults, $5 for children. If you cannot attend this competition and aren’t watching Glee, you might want to consider heading over to Starting at 7:30pm, they will be covering this event. Roosevelt states that the event will be shown in its entirety. We’ve seen nothing that suggests this presentation poses any cost to you; however, due to the differences in start times, please expect that the competition schedule and the video schedule do not line up. At BandDirector’s website, click the “Live Broadcasts” tab and then “Click Here for Live Broadcast.”

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