Scholastic Finale: October 22, 2016

This Saturday, October 22, marks the final weekend of Scholastic competition for the year. Three Scholastic competitions will see 54 competing bands. Additionally, the ultimate “Road to State” begins for MCBA bands – the last two weeks of the season prove to be the most crucial, as their highest two scores will determine who qualifies for state.


In Ortonville, Brandon plays host to 14 bands. The event starts at 10:25 AM, with competition beginning at 10:30. Class order is: C, B, AA, with Awards for those classes at 12:15 PM. Class A competition begins at 12:45, with Awards at 3:15 PM.

For more information on Brandon, click here.

East Kentwood

The only evening Scholastic competition this weekend, East Kentwood begins at 2:30 PM. 23 bands will be competing, with the first competitive performance at 2:45. Competition order is as follows: D, C, B, C (continued), A, AA. Awards for all Classes will be at 9:45 PM.

For more information on East Kentwood, see here.


The most-attended contest hosted by a high school, Jenison opens their dual-competition event at 8:40 AM. 17 Scholastic bands will be competing. Competition, which begins at 8:45 AM, is in the following order: D, C, Awards (D/C); B, A, AA, Awards (B/A/AA).

Jenison’s MCBA competition, which features 24 bands, begins at 2:45 PM with Flight IV. Prior to Flight IV Awards (5:30 PM), the Grand Valley State University Marching Band will perform in special exhibition. Competition resumes at 5:45 PM, with Flights, in order: III, I, II. Awards for these Flights will be at 9:45 PM.

Admission to Jenison is $8 for Adults, $6 for Students/Seniors. Family tickets are available, and are valid the entire day. For more information on Jenison, click here.

NOTE: Parking can be rare at various times during this event, and the stadium is located a short walk from the spectator parking lots. Arrive early to ensure the best chance to find parking and reach the stadium before your band’s performance.

Additional Note: Most Award ceremonies immediately precede the next class/flight of competition. It is our recommendation that spectators for the class following awards arrive extra early, and that spectators for the class receiving awards consider remaining for an additional band or two. Please try to avoid leaving or entering the stadium during any band’s performance.


21 bands will compete at Clarkston, which opens at 2:15 PM. The first competing band will perform at 2:30. Competition order is as follows: Flight IV, III, II, Awards (IV/III/II). Flight I begins at 6:45 PM. Awards for Flight I are at 9:45 PM.

Tickets are $8 for Adults and $6 for students and seniors. For more information, click here.

Bands Across the Valley

Bands Across the Valley, hosted by Highland Milford at Lakeland High School in White Lake, MI, opens at 7:05 PM. The first competing band performs at 7:15 PM. Competition order is: Flights III then II. Awards for both flights will be at 9:00 PM.

Tickets are $8 for Adults, and $6 for students and seniors. Band Shoutouts are available for $2 each. For more information on Bands Across the Valley, see here.

We want to wish all bands the best of luck this weekend!

As always, it is impossible for us to be at every competition. Please take a few minutes after the show to send us scores, and if you’re feeling generous – send us Band Program information. You do not have to be affiliated with a band to send information in! If you bought a program, we’re interested in Band Name, Directors, Show Title, and Musical Selections.

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