Saturday, September 27

It appears that this Saturday will be the “busiest” one of this season – this usually doesn’t happen until October, but we’re getting it out of the way early this year.


MCBA: Bands Across the Valley

Bands Across the Valley is hosted by Milford (Highland) at Lakeland, in White Lake. 11 bands will be in performance at this contest.

Flight IV (3) begins at 5:00 PM
Flight III (3) begins at 5:45 PM
Flight I (1) will occur at 6:45 PM
Flight II (2) begins at 7:00 PM
Lakeland performs in Exhibition at 7:15 PM
Milford performs in Exhibition at 7:30 PM
Awards will be at 8:00 PM

Lakeland is located at 1630 Bogie Lake Road in White Lake, MI 48383.

We suspect tickets should be about $8 for Adults and $6 for Students/Seniors.


MCBA: Grant

Grant’s competition is the first MCBA competition in West Michigan this year. Fun fact: Grant’s competition is the most Northern competition this weekend. Seven bands will perform here. Gates for this contest open at 5:00PM; Opening Ceremonies are at 5:50.

Flight IV (3) begins at 6:00 PM with a performance by Muskegon Orchard View.
Grant performs in exhibition at 6:45 PM.
Sparta performs in Flight III at 7:00 PM.
Flight II (2) starts at 7:15 PM.
Awards will be at 8:00 PM after a tabulation break.

We want to welcome Orchard View and Sparta to their first year of competition in MCBA.

Tickets will be $8 for Adults and $6 for Students/Seniors (per Grant’s website.)

This competition is at Grant Middle School: 96 E. State St., Grant, MI 49327.


Scholastic: Chippewa Valley

Chippewa Valley hosts their annual contest this Saturday; competition begins at 4:00PM with a Class C performance by Bad Axe. We’re excited to see Bad Axe coming back to competition. If you’ve been around the activity a while, you may remember Bad Axe as an annual MCBA Flight IV State Finalist, with fun and unique shows (I fondly remember their Midnight Syndicate show). Ten bands will perform in total. Fun fact: Chippewa Valley’s contest is the most Eastern competition this weekend.

As mentioned, Class C (2) begins at 4:00 PM.
Class A (4) begins at 4:30 PM.
Class AA (2) begins at 5:30 PM.
Anchor Bay performs in Exhibition at 6:00 PM.
Chippewa Valley (Host) performs in Exhibition at 6:15 PM.
Awards will occur at 6:45 PM.

This competition is held at 18300 19 Mile Road in Clinton Township, MI 48083.


Scholastic: Gibraltar Carlson

Gibraltar Carlson’s competition has its opening ceremonies at 3:00 PM Saturday. We believe that this is Dearborn Edsel Ford’s first time competing [Class A]; we want to welcome them to the competition and hope they have fun! Seven bands are preforming at this contest.

Class C (1) is at 3:15 PM.
Class B (1) is at 3:30 PM.
Class A (5) begins at 3:45 PM.
Gibraltar Carlson performs in exhibition at 5:00 PM.
Awards will be at 5:30 PM.

Carlson’s stadium is located 30550 W. Jefferson Ave., Gibraltar, MI 48173.


Scholastic: Grand Haven

Grand Haven’s competition is the most Western competition this week. Ten bands will be performing here.

Class C (4) begins at 6:00 PM.
Class B (3) begins at 7:15 PM.
Class A (2) begins at 8:00 PM.
Grand Haven will perform in exhibition at 8:30 PM.
Awards will occur at 8:50 PM.

Tickets for this event are $5 for Adults; $3 for Students/Seniors.

Grand Haven is located at 17001 Ferris Street in Grand Haven, MI 49417.


Scholastic: Knight Time Classic

Kenowa Hill’s annual Knight Time Classic begins this Saturday with opening ceremonies at 9:15 AM. Sixteen bands will be in performance at the Knight Time Classic.

Class D (1) occurs at 9:30 AM.
Class C (4) begins at 9:45 PM.
Class B (2) will begin at 11:15 AM.
The Kenowa Hills Dance Team will provide entertainment during the Tabulation Break, at 11:45 PM.
Awards for Classes D, C, and B will be at 12:00 PM. A lunch break will follow.

Competition resumes with Class A (5) at 1:00 PM.
Class AA (2) will begin at 2:30 PM.
Kenowa Hills performs in exhibition at 3:00 PM.
Class A and AA Awards will be at 3:15 PM.

Kenowa Hills is located at 3825 Hendershot Ave. NW, in Grand Rapids, MI 49544.

Admission costs $7 for Adults, $5 for Students/Seniors, and $20 for Families.


Scholastic: Otsego

Otsego’s competition on Saturday will culminate in a special exhibition performance by the Western Michigan University Bronco Marching Band. We believe tickets for this event are $5.

Class D (6) begins at 2:00 PM.
Class C (5) begins at 3:45 PM.
Class D and C Awards are at 5:00 PM; a break follows.

Competition resumes with Class B (7) at 6:00 PM.
Class A (2) starts at 8:00 PM.
Class AA (2) begins at 8:30 PM.
Otsego performs in Exhibition at 9:00 PM.
WMU Bronco Marching Band performs at 9:15 PM.
Class B, A, and AA awards are scheduled for 9:30 PM.

Otsego is located at 550 Washington St., Otsego, MI 49078.


BOA: University of Dayton

West Bloomfield is the lone representation of Michigan at the Bands of America University of Dayton (OH) regional. Follow this link to learn more about the competition and its prelim/finals format. Twenty-seven bands will be in competition in Prelims here; 10 of these bands will compete in Finals.

West Bloomfield’s preliminary performance will occur at 9:30 AM.

We will not know a Finals schedule until after Preliminary competition begins. We’ll try to post information when we know it for the Finals schedule. We wish West Bloomfield the best of luck!

The University of Dayton’s Welcome Stadium is located at 1601 S. Edwin C. Moses Blvd, in Dayton, OH 45417.

As this is a college campus, we recommend anybody heading down to support West Bloomfield plan to arrive early to allot extra time to reach the stadium, purchase tickets, and find seats.



As always, if you are attending a competition, please take a few moments to send us scores. We simply cannot be everywhere, and your assistance helps us!  If you have a few extra minutes past that, please send us Band Shows and Repertoires and help us build the most accurate history possible! 

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