Saturday, October 11

We’re presently in our fourth week of competitions in Michigan. This weekend, we’ve got five contests happening: Belding, Great Lakes Invitational, DeWitt, Grandville, and Lakeshore. And, as of right now (Wed., 10/8/14) the weather seems like it should be cooperating! After last weekend, I am sure we can all agree that we need a nice weekend.


As a general note to spectators: Always plan to arrive early! We suspect that there have been several schedule changes this week, and unfortunately, we cannot yet confirm nor deny this suspicion. We cannot be held responsible for anybody missing a band’s performance if the times we have are incorrect. If you notice that we have incorrect information, please tell us [link]. We are not affiliated with bands and do not always know if there are changes.


MCBA: Belding

Belding’s competition held at their stadium (850 Hall St., Belding, MI 48809) begins at 3:35 PM.

Tri-County performs in Open Class at 3:45 PM; Ionia follows them at 4:00.

Flight III (4) begins at 4:15 PM.
Flight II (1) starts at 5:15 PM.
Flight I (2) will begin at 5:30 PM.
Awards for these three flights will be at 6:15 PM.

Flight IV (8) starts at 7:00 PM.
Belding’s exhibition performance is at 9:00 PM.
Flight IV Awards will be at 9:30.

We want to remind everybody attending Belding that the school and stadium are located at the edge of a neighborhood, and parking is somewhat limited. Arrive early and provide plenty of time to find parking, or walk (mainly uphill) should you have to park in the neighborhood. We recommend dropping those with limited walking capabilities off at the stadium before parking.


MCBA: Great Lakes Invitational

The Great Lakes Invitational, hosted by Plymouth-Canton, happens at the stadium located at the Plymouth-Canton Educational Park (8415 N. Canton Center Rd., Canton, MI 48187). The event opens at 4:00 PM with a performance of the National Anthem by the Plymouth-Canton Middle School, accompanied by the Plymouth Fife and Drum Corps.

Flight III (2) competition begins at 4:15 PM.
Flight II (4) will start at 4:45 PM.
After a 30-minute break, Flight I (6) begins at 5:15 PM.
Plymouth-Canton will present “Don’t Bother, They’re Here” in Exhibition at 7:45 PM.
Awards for all flights will happen at 8:15.


SMB: DeWitt

DeWitt’s competition opens at 2:40 PM with a performance of the National Anthem by the host band. The school is located at 13601 Panther Dr., in DeWitt, MI 48820.

Class D (4) begins at 2:45 PM.
Class C (2) starts at 3:45 PM.
Class B (4) begins at 4:15 PM.
Class A (7) starts at 5:45 PM.
DeWitt performs in exhibition at 7:30 PM.
Awards are scheduled for 7:45 PM.

We previously mentioned empty time slots in the schedule and speculated they were for late additions. Our suspicions were correct. Class A has an additional band added; Class A start time has not been adjusted, but please check the update schedule for more information.


SMB: Grandville

Grandville’s competition has the earliest start this weekend, beginning at 9:00 AM. The school is located at 4700 Canal Avenue SW., in Grandville, MI 49418. It is usually recommended, though, to use the School’s Wilson Avenue entrance, which is located next to Costco (Costco’s address: 4901 Wilson Ave. SW, Wyoming, MI 49418).

Class D (3) begins at 9:15 AM.
Class C (6) starts at 10:15 AM.
Class D/C awards will be at 11:45.

Class B (7) begins at 1:00 PM.
Class A (6) starts at 3:00 PM.
Grandville’s exhibition performance is at 4:30.
Awards for B and A will be at 4:45.


SMB: Lakeshore

Lakeshore’s annual marching invitational, held at 5771 Cleveland Ave., in Stevensville, MI 49127 begins this year at 3:30 PM.

Presently, the high school is under construction. Because of this, some parking areas are smaller than in years past, and traffic flow to, in and around the high school will be different than what you may remember. As always, arrive early and allow extra time before your band’s performance!

Additionally, to assist with spectator flow (and busses and equipment space), there will be an awards ceremony after each class.

Class D (6) starts at 3:30 PM, with Awards held at 5:00.

Class B (7) starts at 5:30 PM; awards are at 7:30.

Class A (5) will begin at 8:00 PM.
Lakeshore performs “España” in exhibition at 9:15; Awards will be at 9:30 PM.


And as always, if you are attending a competition, please take a few moments to send us scores. We simply cannot be everywhere, and your assistance helps us!  If you have a few extra minutes past that, please send us Band Shows and Repertoires and help us build the most accurate history possible! 

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