October 5, 2013

There are 6 competitions this weekend, with about 140 bands competing (this doesn’t include exhibition bands)! This weekend is the first time that Grant will be hosting a competition, and we want to wish everybody at Grant the best of luck!

Red Flannel Festival

Cedar Springs’ Scholastic Competition is part of the Cedar Springs Red Flannel Festival. Bands competing are invited to perform in the Red Flannel Parade following the competition (the parade begins at 3PM). If you attend the parade, it is recommended that you wear red; otherwise the Keystone Kops may “arrest” you, and it apparently costs $1 to get out of “jail.” 

The Cedar Springs Middle School band performs the National Anthem at 8:50 AM, with competition beginning at 9:00 AM.

Class B (3) 9:00 AM
Class C (5) 9:45 AM; 15 min Break at 10:45
Break 11:15 AM
Class D (2) 11:30 AM
MSBOA (2)* 12:00 PM
Lunch Break 12:30 PM
Class A (3) 1:00 PM
Cedar Springs, in Exhibition 1:45 PM
Awards 2:00 PM

* At Cedar Springs, bands may perform for judges comments using the MSBOA Marching Band Festival sheets. These bands receive Divisional Ratings.

Cedar Springs HS is located at 204 E Muskegon Street NE in Cedar Springs (49319). Tickets are $6 for Adults and $4 for Students and Seniors. Programs cost $2.


Ortonville Brandon

Located at 1025 S. Ortonville Road in Brandon (48462). Their competition begins at 10:15 AM with the National Anthem.

Class C (3) 10:30 AM
Class A (7) 11:15 AM; 15 Minute Break at 12:00 PM
Ortonville Brandon, in Exhibition 1:15 PM
Awards 1:45 PM



Hastings High is located at 520 West South Street in Hastings (49058). From what I can gather thus far, this is likely to be the most attended Scholastic competition this season, with 24 competing bands. Tickets cost $5 for Adults, $4 for Students and Seniors. Children under 5 are free.

We recommend arriving early! 24 bands bring a lot of fans, and you want to make sure you get the best parking and seats available.

The Hastings HS Varsity Singers will perform The National Anthem at 12:50 PM.

Class D (5) 1:00 PM
15 Minute Break 2:15 PM
Class C (6) 2:30 PM
Class D and C Awards 4:00 PM
30 Minute Break 4:15 PM
Class B (7) 4:45 PM
Class B Awards 6:30 PM
45 Minute Break 6:45 PM
Class CC (1) 7:30 PM
Class A (4) 7:45 PM
Class AA (1) 8:45 PM
Hastings, in Exhibition 9:00 PM
Class CC, A, and AA Awards 9:15 PM


Bands Across the Valley

Bands Across the Valley, hosted by Highland Milford, takes place at White Lake Lakeland. Lakeland’s school is located at 1630 Bogie Lake Road in White Lake (48383). Typically, MCBA contests costs $7 for Adults, and $5 for Students and Seniors. The opening ceremonies will take place at 4:45 PM.

Flight IV (1) 5:00 PM
Flight III (3) 5:15 PM
15 Minute Break 6:00 PM
Flight II (3) 6:15 PM
White Lake Lakeland, in Exhibition 7:00 PM
Highland Milford, in Exhibition 7:15 PM
15 Minute Break 7:30 PM
Flight I (3) 7:45 PM
Eastern Michigan University, in Exhibition 8:30 PM
Awards 9:00 PM



Lamphere begins at 4:50 PM with their opening ceremonies. They are located at 610 W. 13 Mile Road in Madison Heights (48071). Typically, MCBA contests costs $7 for Adults, and $5 for Students and Seniors.

Flight IV (1) 5:00 PM
Flight II (2) 5:15 PM
Flight II (2) 5:45 PM
Flight III (1) 6:15 PM
Madison Heights Lamphere, in Exhibition 6:30 PM
Awards 6:45 PM



Grant’s MCBA competition marks the first time that they are hosting a contest. We want to wish the Grant Bands and their Booster Parents the best of luck! The gates will open at 5:00 PM, with opening ceremonies starting at 5:50 PM. Tickets are $8 for Adults, and $6 for Students.

Flight IV (4) 6:00 PM
Grant, in Exhibition 7:00 PM
Flight I (1) 7:15PM
Flight II (1) 7:30 PM
Tabulation Break 7:45 PM
Awards 8:00 PM


Will you be attending this event? If you buy a program, please take some time after the competition to send us band show titles and competition scores. We, unfortunately, cannot attend every event and your submissions ensure a more complete experience and record of Michigan’s competitive marching bands.

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