October 19, 2013

This Saturday, October 19, marks the last weekend of Scholastic Competition for 2013. Jenison and East Kentwood host their annual “Last Weekend” contests. This Saturday is also the first Saturday of the Last Two Weeks of MCBA, when the Field Turf mandate goes into effect, and when all MCBA bands start to have scores added to the CAS chart.


East Kentwood

Competition at East Kentwood will begin at 3:00 PM. The High School is located at 6230 Kalamazoo Avenue SE in Kentwood (49508).

3:00 PM Class D (3)
3:45 PM Class C (5)
5:00 PM Break (15 Minutes)
5:15 PM Class B (7)
7:00 PM Break (30 Minutes)
7:15 PM Class C continued (1)
7:30 PM Class A (6)
9:15 PM East Kentwood, in Exhibition
9:30 PM Awards



Jenison HS is located at 2140 Bauer Road in Jenison (49428). Special Note: Jenison HS is under construction, and construction is nearing completion on their new Performing Arts Building. Because of such, parking will be more limited than normal at Jenison. Arrive early for the best parking spaces!

The Scholastic Competition will begin with Opening Ceremonies at 8:45 AM.

9:00 AM Class D (4)
10:00 AM Class C (4)
11:00 AM Tabulation Break (approx. 15 Minutes)
11:15 AM Class D and C Awards
11:30 AM Class B (8)
1:30 PM Break (15 Minutes)
1:45 PM Class A (4)
2:45 PM Class AA (1)
3:00 PM Jenison, in Exhibition
3:15 PM Class B, A, AA Awards


The MCBA competition will begin following Opening Ceremonies (around 4:00 PM).

4:15 PM Flight IV (10)
6:45 PM Tabulation Break (approx. 15 Minutes)
7:00 PM Flight IV Awards
7:15 PM Flight III (5)
8:30 PM Break (15 Minutes)
8:45 PM Flight I (2)
9:15 PM Flight II (2)
9:45 PM Jenison, in Exhibition
10:00 PM Flight II, I, II Awards



Clarkston’s opening ceremonies will occur at 2:15 PM. The HS is located at 6093 Flemings Lake Road in Clarkston (48346).

2:30 PM Flight IV (4)
3:30 PM Break (15 Minutes)
3:45 PM Flight III (7)
5:30 PM Flight IV and II Awards
5:45 PM Dinner Break (45 Minutes)
6:30 PM Flight II (5)
7:45 PM Break (15 Minutes)
8:00 PM Flight I (5)
9:15 PM Clarkston, in Exhibition
9:30 PM Flight II and I Awards


Great Lakes Invitational

Hosted by Plymouth-Canton, the Great Lakes Invitational will have its opening ceremonies at 4:45 PM. Middle School band students will be escorted to the field by the Plymouth Fife and Drum Corps.

5:00 PM Flight II (5)
6:15 PM Flight I (3)
7:00 PM Plymouth-Canton, in Exhibition
7:15 PM Awards
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