October 18, 2014

This Saturday, there will be [technically] six competitions at five locations: Clarkston, Livonia Franklin, East Kentwood, Brandon, and Jenison (SMB and MCBA). This weekend also marks the last competitive weekend for Scholastic bands. We hope they leave it all on the field and make these performances their best yet.


MCBA: Clarkston

Located at 6093 Flemings Lake Road in Clarkston, MI (48346), Clarkston’s competition will feature 21 bands. Tickets should be around $8 for adults and $6 for students and seniors.

Flight IV (2) starts at 2:45 PM
Flight III (5) starts at 3:30 PM
Awards for IV and III will be at 4:45 PM

Flight II (6) starts at 5:45 PM
Flight I (7) starts at 7:30 PM
Clarkston’s exhibition will be at 9:15
Awards for II and I will happen at 9:30 PM


MCBA: Livonia Franklin

Livonia Franklin’s Americana competition, held at 31000 Joy Rd., in Livonia, MI 48150, will feature 8 bands. Tickets should be around $8 for adults and $6 for students and seniors. The Emerson MS Band will perform the National Anthem at 5:00PM.

Open Class (1: Garden City) will occur at 5:15 PM
Flight IV (1) will be at 5:30 PM
Flight III (3) will start at 5:45 PM
Flight I (1) will be at 7:00 PM
Livonia Franklin performs at 7:15 PM
Awards will be at 7:45 PM


SMB: Brandon

Brandon’s competition, held at 1025 S. Ortonville Rd., in Ortonville, MI 48462, will open with a performance of the National Anthem at 10:10 AM. 15 bands will perform here. [We do not know ticket prices.]

Class C (4) starts at 10:15 AM
Class B (2) starts at 11:15 AM
Awards for C and B will be at 11:45 AM

Class A (8) starts at 12:15 PM
Brandon performs at 2:15 PM
Awards for A will be at 2:30 PM


SMB: East Kentwood

Featuring 21 bands, East Kentwood’s competition is located at 6230 Kalamazoo Ave SE, in Kentwood, MI 49508. [We do not know ticket prices.]

Class D (3) starts at 3:30 PM
Class C (5) starts at 4:15 PM
Class B (6) starts at 6:00 PM
Class A (5) starts at 7:45 PM
Class AA (1) will be at 9:00 PM
East Kentwood performs at 9:15 PM
Awards will be at 9:30 PM


SMB + MCBA: Jenison

The day at Jenison will feature 46 bands in total. Both circuits of competitions are held at this contest, with Scholastic in the morning and early afternoon, and MCBA in the late afternoon and into the evening. Ticket costs are $8 for Adults, $6 for students and seniors. Family tickets are available for $24. If you will be attending both portions, here’s good news: only one admission (per person) is necessary. Just remember, if leaving and then returning, to ensure your hand is stamped or you may have to pay again.

Jenison is located at 2140 Bauer Road in Jenison, MI 49428.


Class D (4) starts at 8:30 AM
Class C (5) begins at 9:30 AM
Class D and C Awards are at 11:00 AM

Class B (5) starts at 11:15 AM
Class A (6) begins at 12:45 PM
Class AA (1) is at 2:15 PM
Jenison will perform in exhibition at 2:30 PM
Class B, A, and AA Awards will be at 2:45 PM


Flight IV (11) starts at 3:30 PM
Flight IV Awards will be at 6:30 PM

Flight III (8) starts at 6:45 PM
Flight I (3) starts at 9:00 PM
Flight II (3) begins at 9:45 PM
Jenison performs in exhibition at 10:30 PM
Flight III, I, II Awards will be at 10:45 PM

A note about Jenison: Their parking lot, while decent in size, fills quickly. It may be difficult to find parking! Because of such, plan to arrive early with plenty of time before your band’s performance. Additionally, the stadium is a little bit aways from the parking lot. There are usually golf carts available to provide transportation to the stadium for those with limited walking capabilities.

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