October 12, 2013

This Saturday is arguably the busiest day of the marching season. In addition to there being 8 competitions, many bands tend to perform double-headers on this weekend.



Alma College is hosting their annual competition this Saturday. The address is 614 W. Superior Street in Alma (48801). It is advised that you arrive early for this contest! Being on a college campus, parking may be a little more tricky than you may otherwise expect and you may be required to walk further than you originally wanted.

Class D (2) 11:00 AM
Class C (5) 11:30 AM
Break (45 Minutes) 12:45 PM
Class B (4) 1:30 PM
Class A (2) 2:30 PM
Alma College Kiltie Marching Band (Exhibition) 3:10 PM
Awards 3:30 PM

Are you attending Alma? Please send us the scores after the competition! This is, hands-down, the contest we have the hardest time getting sores for.



DeWitt starts at 3:25 PM with the National Anthem. DeWitt is located at 13601 Panther Drive in DeWitt (48820). 

Class D (4) 3:30 PM
Class C (1) 4:30 PM
Break (15 Minutes) 4:45 PM
Class B (5) 5:00 PM
Break (15 Minutes) 6:15 PM
Class A (2) 6:30 PM
Class AA (3) 7:00 PM
DeWitt (Exhibition) 7:45 PM
Awards 8:00 PM



Grandville hosts their annual competition this Saturday. It is usually recommended that spectators use the Wilson Avenue entrance (located next to Costco: 4901 Wilson Ave SW, Wyoming, 49418). The High School itself is located at 4700 Canal Avenue in Grandville (49418).

The National Anthem will be performed at 8:50 A

Class D (1) 9:00 AM
Class C (4) 9:15 AM
Break (15 Minutes) 10:15 AM
Class CC (5) 10:30 AM
Class D, C, CC Awards 11:45 AM
Lunch (1 Hour) 12:00 PM
Class B (6) 1:00 PM
Break (15 Minutes) 2:30 PM
Class A (3) 2:45 PM
Class AA (1) 3:30 PM
Grandville (Exhibition) 3:45 PM
Class B, A, AA Awards 4:00 PM


Gull Lake

Gull Lake’s contest begins at 12:55 PM with the National Anthem. Gull Lake is located at 9550 East M-89 in Richland (49083). 

Class D (2) 1:00 PM
Class C (2) 1:30 PM
Break (15 Minutes) 2:00 PM
Class A (5) 2:15 PM
Richland Gull Lake (Exhibition) 3:30 PM
Awards 3:45 PM


Stevensville Lakeshore

Lakeshore High School is located at 5771 Cleveland Avenue in Stevensville (49127). The Contest begins around 3:00 PM with the National Anthem.

Class D (6) 3:15 PM
Class C (1) 4:45 PM
Class D, C Awards, then Break 5:00 PM
Class B (4) 6:00 PM
Break (15 Minutes) 7:00 PM
Class A (4) 7:15 PM
Class B continued (1)* 8:15 PM
Stevensville Lakeshore (Exhibition) 8:30 PM
Class B, A Awards 8:45 PM

* Berrien Springs asked to perform out of class order; this request was granted.



Belding’s MCBA competition will open at 4:50 PM with the National Anthem. Belding is located at 850 Hall Street in Belding (48809). There is limited parking near the stadium. Unless you arrive exceedingly early, you will be required to park in the surrounding neighborhoods and have to walk to the stadium. Plan accordingly!

Open Class (2) 5:00 PM
Flight II (1) 5:30 PM
Flight III (4) 5:45 PM
Flight I (1) 6:45 PM
Break (15 Minutes) 7:00 PM
Flight IV (7) 7:15 PM
Belding (Exhibition) 9:00 PM
Awards 9:15 PM


Livonia Franklin

We have not received an “official” schedule for Livonia Franklin, but through very keen powers of deduction, we’ve been able to determine the schedule order. We do apologize if our list is not 100% accurate, though. As always: arrive early to not miss your band!

The competition opens at 4:00 PM with the National Anthem. Livonia Franklin is located at 31000 Joy Road in Livonia (48150).

Open Class (1) 4:15 PM
Flight II (3) 4:30 PM
Flight III (2) 5:15 PM
Flight IV (1) 5:45 PM
Livonia Franklin (Exhibition) 6:00 PM
Awards 6:15 PM


West Bloomfield

West Bloomfield’s competition begins at 6:05 PM with the Opening Ceremonies. The High School is located at 4925 Orchard Lake Road in West Bloomfield (48323). Tickets are $7 for Everybody; Children 5 and Under are free.

Flight III (1) 6:15 PM
Flight II (1) 6:30 PM
Flight I (4) 6:45 PM
West Bloomfield (Exhibition) 7:45 PM
Awards 8:15 PM

Will you be attending this event? If you buy a program, please take some time after the competition to send us band show titles and competition scores. We, unfortunately, cannot attend every event and your submissions ensure a more complete experience and record of Michigan’s competitive marching bands.

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