Michigan Marching on Facebook

Are you a fan of Michigan Marching on Facebook? If you are and are not seeing our posts, make sure to make us visible in your News Feed.  Visit our Facebook page, and hover over the “Like/Liked” button. You should see a drop down menu with several options. Make sure “Show in News Feed” is selected, and under Settings, you can change the amount of posts you see (we recommend “All Updates”, but understand if you don’t want them all).

We will not, normally, clog your feed with updates. We do use Facebook, though, to promote new site content as well as quickly relaying information during the competitions. During the competitive season, also check out our Twitter page if you use Twitter. We often live-tweet during events, and while our Facebook posts are also posted on Twitter, any Twitter-specific posts do not show up on Facebook (so as to not clog your Facebook feed).

Our Twitter feed is also available on our site, if you do not use social media regularly but still want to be in-the-immediate-know.




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