Here Come the Rains Again...

Falling on my head like a memory?” Not a chance we can forget about it this weekend… Forecasts look pretty soggy. Expect to see raincoats and no plumes, and lots of “thrilled” kids and fans! We’ve got a busy weekend ahead of us. Grab those ponchos, and let’s go!

We’re still trying to think positive, sunny thoughts. Fingers crossed for minimal damage and no lightning. As of publication, we have not heard of any intent to cancel any contests, but we’ll try to stay on top of it tonight and tomorrow. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for up-to-date news!

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Alma College Marching Band Invitational

Alma College

Alma College hosts their annual scholastic competition this Saturday. Nine bands are attending in competition. The competition starts at 1:00PM, and awards for all classes will be at 4:20PM, following the Alma College Kiltie Marching Band exhibition performance.

As this is a college campus, arrive early! There likely will not be sufficient parking at the stadium and you may have to walk a bit. See the full schedule here.

Chippewa Valley Marching InvitationalChippewa Valley

Chippewa Valley’s competition starts Saturday at 4:55PM. Eight bands are attending in competition. This event will feature two exhibition performances: first, by Troy High School, and second, Chippewa Valley (host). Awards for all classes will be at 7:45PM.

Hastings Marching InvitationalHastings – a LIVE! event

Hastings is hosting their 27th annual competition – and Michigan Marching will be reporting LIVE from it again! 23 bands will be attending in competition, and there are two awards ceremonies scheduled. Class D and B awards will occur at 4:15PM. Class C, A, and AA awards will follow Hastings’ exhibition performance, and are scheduled for 8:45PM. Here’s the full schedule.

Join us, starting at 1:00PM, for live coverage, including photos, commentary, and some special new features this year! (We’re keeping it a secret because I’m honestly not sure if it’ll work… so find out tomorrow!). Please note that due to copyright concerns, we are not streaming the event.

Novi Fanfare Marching InvitationalNovi Fanfare

Novi’s Fanfare starts this Saturday at 5:30PM. If you are inclined, gates open at 4:00PM. Ten bands are attending in competition, and awards for all flights will be at 9:10PM. Novi performs in exhibition at 8:40PM. All MCBA competitions cost $8 admission for adults. See the full line-up here.

Portage Northern Marching Invitational

Huskie Marching Invitational

Brand new this year, our friends at Portage Northern are hosting the inaugural Huskie Marching Invitational in their band new football stadium! For the first time in school history, Portage Northern has their own stadium. We’re as proud for them as they are, and we want to wish the Huskies the best of luck with this competition.

Six bands will be attending in competition, and Portage Northern performs in exhibition at 7:00 PM. Awards for all flights will follow. See the full line-up here.

Cedar Springs' Red Flannel Festival

Cedar Springs’ Red Flannel Festival

Cedar Springs hosts their annual Red Flannel Festival competition as part of the city’s Red Flannel Festival. This contest starts early – at 7:50AM. 14 bands will be attending in competing classes, and five bands will be competing in MSBOA judged classes. There’s only one awards ceremony, at 1:45PM, which follows Cedar Springs’ exhibition performance. Note: The MSBOA-judged bands will receive an MSBOA Festival Rating rather than scores, placements, and captions. See the full schedule here.

If you want to stay for the fun, the Red Flannel Festival Parade starts at 3:00PM downtown. Be sure to bring your red flannels!

Vicksburg Marching Invitational


This is the third year of Vicksburg’s competition and they are welcoming 15 bands in competition. Class D starts the competition at 3:00PM. Awards for Class D will be at 5:40PM. (This competition is scheduled in 20 minute time blocks).

Competition resumes at 6:20, and if you’re wondering about the split Class B: both Otsego and Gull Lake are doing double-header competitions, and to accommodate the travel between the two sites, it appears this was the only way Vicksburg could handle their requests. Awards for Classes C, B, and A will be held at 9:15PM.

We want to wish the best of luck to all bands, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that we all stay as dry as possible.

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If you’re out and about, share photos of the events you are at with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We’re looking forward to seeing how your day went.

If you stay somewhere for an awards ceremony, Please be ever so kind and send us the scores?

Oh, if you see us at Hastings, say “hi” and you might get a button!

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