Helping out Michigan Marching

I just want to take a moment to let everybody know how much I appreciate your using our site to get information on the competitive marching arts in Michigan. Additionally, to all the fans, directors, and students that have previously submitted information, I want to Thank You endlessly.

The information that we have on our site is collected via public means, which often means that the little “staff” (volunteers might be a better term…) that we have spend countless hours scouring the Internet for show titles, competition schedules, scores and more. Additionally, because there are just only two of us, attending many competitions is not presently an option [we’re both from Berrien County and carpool to share the costs of attending competitions].

However, this is where you, our users, can provide us with some assistance. If you are going to be in attendance at a marching competition, could you please consider jotting down the scores and caption awards and sending those to us when you have a chance?

Currently, weather permitting and barring any unforeseen issues, Sean and I will be at the following competitions: Kenowa Hills, Belding, BOA Pontiac, Lakeshore, Jenison (Scholastic and MCBA), West Shore, and MCBA State Finals. All of the other competitions (24, by my count), we will need help with receiving scores.

Likewise, if you have access to the program and notice that a band’s information on our website is wrong or not-yet-updated, please send their Show information to us.

Please feel free to use the form below to send us scores, or email [email protected] directly with those.

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