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New in 2012, Michigan Marching wants to provide insight into band programs throughout the competitive season. We are planning to feature one Scholastic and one MCBA band per week. During weeks that Michigan bands will be attending a BOA event, we will also feature one of the bands in attendance at that event.

To be featured, we must have a completed interview from the Band’s Director(s). A band can only be featured during a week that they are competing, and can only be featured once per season. Unfortunately, we may not be able to feature every band that submits an interview. If we have a exceptional number of interviews, we will review our feature policy and may feature more than two bands per week.

A featured band will have their Interview posted on our website and will also see publicity via our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Directors should submit interest via the form below. We will email you a copy of the interview that you can answer and send back to us. Please note that our interview is emailed as a word document (.doc). If you are using an email address that is unable to accept attachments, please let us know.


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Please check your email spam filters. You should receive your email from [email protected] within 48 hours after you submit your request.

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