The Brush Rush [November 04, 2017]

This Saturday, 48 bands from across the lower peninsula will convene in Detroit for the MCBA State Finals competition. 12 bands in 4 Flights are competing for one of four coveted State Champion titles. Who will earn these top places? We’ll see… on Saturday!

The Details

MCBA State Finals are hosted at Ford Field (2000 Brush Street, Detroit, MI 48226). As this is an NFL stadium, the NFL bag policy does apply.

Parking at Ford Field lots is $6. The Brush Street lot is further from the stadium than the St. Antoine Street lot. However, the Brush Street entrance also has more of the sponsor booths.

Ticket booths open at 7:00AM, with Stadium Gates opening at 7:15. Ticket sales are Cash Only for this event. Costs are: $20 for Adults, $15 for Students and Seniors. Children 5 and Under are free.

Flight Start times are: Flight III – 8:15AM; Flight IV – 12:00PM; Flight I – 3:45PM; Flight II – 7:30PM.

If you cannot attend, or are choosing to not attend, and still want to watch the happenings this Saturday – you’re in luck! Mr. Video will be broadcasting the competition. Purchase the event for $20 and watch High Cam or Multi-Cam views for the duration of the event.

We want to extend congratulations to all 48 Finals attendees.

We’d like to note that Sparta and Buchanan (both Flight IV) are attending State Finals for the first time. Buchanan earns special note – it is their first year competing in MCBA! Clio (Flight III) is attending State Finals for the first time since the 1990s; this is Clio’s first year competing in MCBA since that time. Battle Creek Lakeview (Flight II) is also a first-time State finalist; this is Lakeview’s third year competing in MCBA.

Some Friendly Reminders

Large quantities of spectators (and band students) will be transitioning between Flights. Awards take place immediately following each Flight; however, expect at least 15 minutes for Awards–it would not be a surprise if the ceremony lasts closer to 30 minutes. Given this, there will not be a lot of time for passing in-between flights.

During transitions, it is our annual recommendation that spectators for the next Flight enter closer to the end zones, and walk through rows toward the center, while spectators from the current Flight are working their way up to the concourse. If we can adopt this practice, it will provide a faster exit of current flight spectators, ensuring the first band in each Flight will have the best chance to perform to a seated audience.

Ford Field Staff may not be familiar with marching band etiquette. We have witnessed in the past employees encouraging spectators to enter the stands during a band’s performance. Please be advised that this is inconsiderate to any performing band, and to spectators in the stands. Someone may think it is no issue to walk in front of an already seated spectator; please remember that could be their band you’ve just blocked them from seeing. Play it safe, and wait until a band’s performance is complete to enter the stands.

If a staff member tells you to enter the stands during a performance, please politely inform them that it is polite, and preferred, to wait until the band is done performing.

Ford Field’s seating area is an acoustically “live” area — sounds carry far too well through the stands. It is always recommended to refrain from talking during any band performances; it is especially recommended here. You may think you are whispering, but this stadium can carry (and sometimes amplify) that sound — please be courteous of all spectators who are interested in what is going on.

By the end of the competitive season, tensions can be high and competition can become ugly. Please remember that all the performers on the field are high school students. These student performers deserve respect, no matter what rivalries and biases spectators may have. Treat each bands’ performance as if it were your own – every band has worked hard to make it to this competition. Let’s give them all the praise they deserve.

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