2015 Unofficial MCBA CAS #3

As the season marches on, there’s less and less reason to do an unofficial CAS chart, especially when we have the official CAS chart. However, it’s a thing I started, and it’s a thing I’ll finish. I find it fascinating to see how scores progress through the season with my layout, and I figure I can share this with you.

The colors indicate which scores were used for averaging. I chose to alternate colors for ease, and they were picked because they seemed “spooky” (or “spoopy,” as the kids are saying these days).

Flight One


Flight Two

Both Milford and Carman-Ainsworth earned higher scores on 10/03 than 10/17. The highest scores are being used; Livonia Franklin’s score on 10/10 was higher than 10/17, and is being used.

102315-2Flight Three

Mt. Pleasant earned a higher score on 10/10 than 10/17, and the higher score is being used.


Flight Four

It is worth nothing that Burton Atherton appears listed on the Official CAS Chart. This means they have paid their State fee, and are in qualification for State Finals. MCBA does not list their score from 10/3/15 on the CAS. Per MCBA rules, bands must have attended two contests to be eligible to qualify for State. Atherton will earn a score on 10/31; the only other MCBA contest they have attended was on 10/03 – this score must be used to determine ranking, and thus it is being used below.122315-4-2


A lot can change in one week. It will be interesting to see what changes leading into State Finals.


Edit Note: It came to my attention that I had some Flight IV scores wrong. I have updated the image with the correct scores. It’s a good thing this is unofficial!

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