2015 Unofficial MCBA CAS #2

By now, you may have seen the Official MCBA CAS chart, updated as of 10/17/15. You’ll notice that most bands only have one score; very few have competed at multiple contests, and many of those who have did so within the first two weeks of the season. MCBA will not use scores from the first two weekends unless requested to do so by a band.

Our Unofficial CAS chart includes scores from the entire season, and is color coded for fun and as a legend. Blue scores indicate scores used to create an average. Green scores indicate a single score, that is used and un-averaged. The rare Red score is a single score being used from the first two weeks of the scored season. If a band has two scores, but one was from 09/26 or 10/03, I did not average, and used the latest score (as did MCBA).

Flight One101915-I

Flight Two101915-II

Flight Three101915-III

Flight Four101915-IV

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