2014 Ready to Kick Off

This Saturday, September 13, marks the official “kick-off” to the 2014 Marching Season. West Bloomfield hosts 6 bands at MCBA Field Day, and Wayne Memorial will host 8 bands at their invitational.

Both of these events are judged clinic-format events. At these events, bands receive an extended period of time to perform their show and receive judge feedback. As many bands do not have their shows complete already, participating bands may be able to perform twice. Judges may even meet with the bands, or sections of the band, during their performance time block to provide criticism and workshop instruction for certain passages.

These events are excellent for bands to get to perform their shows (or portions thereof) to receptive, like-minded audiences [let’s be honest: performing at football games can be fun, but it is always more rewarding to perform to other band students and parents].


We wish all of the bands performing this weekend the best of luck, and we cannot wait to see your competition shows!


Click here for more information on West Bloomfield and the MCBA Field Day.

Click here for more information on Wayne Memorial’s Invitational.


Will you be attending one of these events? If you purchase a program and can get show titles and repertoires, please send them our way! Any help we can have is greatly appreciated.

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