2012 Updates as of August 8

A lot has happened since our last update, and while most of it is technical jargon that deals with how our website functions, we want to provide you with an update of the changes that have been made and how they may affect your interactions with our site.


Legends Drum and Bugle Corps

Legends DBC performing in Finals

Photo by Tim Dawson; Click the image to see it larger.

First and foremost, we would like to extend another congratulations to the Legends Drum and Bugle Corps students and staff on an excellent season and a wonderful show. On August 7, 2012, Legends finished 8th place at the DCI Open Class World Championships Finals with a score of 83.95, and an award of “Most Improved Corps.” Legends’ show this summer was “The Edmund Fitzgerald” and paid respect to the SS Edmund Fitzgerald which sank in Lake Superior in November 1975. You can like Legends on Facebook to stay up-to-date with them.


Band Page URLs

Within our content management system, we have discovered how we can separate Bands and Competition from News articles, and now each Band has their own page. Gone are the links that followed the structure of michiganmarching.com/mcba/1/band-name or michiganmarching.com/smb/a/band-name (and so on). If you are unable to find your band from a previous book mark, you will need to update it. The structure is now michiganmarching.com/bands/band-name. It is recommended that you  visit either the MCBA or Scholastic page to ensure you have the proper link to your band page, if you would like a bookmark.


Last Updated On…

That being said, each band has a “Last Updated On” date in the Circuit Lists. Everybody now, at the latest, was updated on July 29, 2012. This does not mean that we have everybody’s 2012 Fall information! This was the date that the conversion happened. Some bands, we had information prior to that. Some bands we didn’t. We’re constantly finding new information, so at this moment, the best way to find out if your band’s information is correct is to check (either MCBA or Scholastic).


Contact Forms

We’ve simplified contacting us and providing information. Visit our Contact page for one of three forms to help us update 2012 information, as well as build our archives.

  • “Contact Michigan Marching” for basic, general contact purposes.
  • “Submit Band Information” for submitting current (or past) repertoires and schedules (and scores)
  • “Submit Competition Information” for submitting current or past competitions and their scores. If you have a scanned image or a .pdf, word or excel document, you can upload scores in that manner as well.


Each competition of the 2012 Fall Season has its current page, and if you’re tricky enough, you’d be able to find them. We plan on making those pages officially ‘live’ the closer we get to September as we have more information for them. As of this post, the BOA links on the Competition Schedule has been made active. These pages include a description of how Music for All/Bands of America Regional Championships function, as well as the Michigan bands in attendance (as known on August 6, 2012).


A Christmas Surprise

This we cannot delve into complete detail yet (as the details are still being worked out), but let’s just say that Christmas may be coming early for Michigan Marching and several bands this year. Directors may be hearing from us first with details, and once we know more official details, we will share that information with you. So, for now, let our present sit under the tree and please don’t shake it (it could be fragile).


We’ve got a couple more things up our sleeves that might be rolling out this year, but our goal right now at this moment is to ensure that we have the most up-to-date information and to be able to continually provide you with such and to help make 2012 a great Marching band season.


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