MCBA Preview: 10/22/11

With only two weeks left until MCBA State Finals, now is the time that MCBA programs begin gearing up for the opportunity to qualify for State Finals. MCBA uses a programs’ two highest MCBA scores to determine State qualifiers; for many programs, those scores will come this weekend and next (10/29). Jenison, West Bloomfield, and Clarkston host 52 of the 58 State-eligible MCBA bands (55 MCBA bands perform total). 


In addition to hosting their MCBA competition, which starts at 4:30pm, Jenison is also hosting their Scholastic competition on Saturday, 10/22. The Scholastic portion starts at 8:45am, with Awards for Class A/B at 4:00pm. We recommend that the supporters for the earlier Flight IV performing bands arrive early, as parking will be minimal and the stadium will be full for Scholastic Class A/B awards.

A full Jenison lineup is available here. Again, Jenison’s MCBA competition starts at 4:30pm with Flight IV first. Awards for Flight IV will be at 8:00. Flight III starts at 8:15; this does not allow much time for a transition between IV and III fans, so we recommend Flight III fans arrive early to avoid congestion. Flight I starts at 9:15, and Reeths-Puffer competes in Flight II at 10:00. Jenison performs in exhibition at 10:15, and Flight III/I/II awards will be at 10:30pm.

Jenison’s High School is located at 2140 Bauer Road in Jenison. The Michigan Marching staff will be in attendance at Jenison and will be live-updating scores as the day progresses.


West Bloomfield

West Bloomfield High School is located at 4925 Orchard Lake Road in West Bloomfield. West Bloomfield hosts 15 MCBA bands, and spectators will be treated to a special judged exhibition performance by South Lyon East. We’re hoping that South Lyon East’s exhibition is the beginning steps into joining MCBA in the near future, and we wish them the best of luck!

The competition opens at 2:05pm, and Durand (IV) kicks off competition at 2:15. The start times for remaining flights is as follows: III at 2:30, II at 5:15, and I at 6:30. There are two award ceremonies – IV and III at 4:30pm, and II and I at 7:45pm. A full schedule of performing bands and times can be found here.



Clarkston also hosts their MCBA competition this Saturday. The event opens at 3:30pm at their high school, which is located at 6093 Flemings Lake Road. 17 bands will perform at this competition. First up is South Lake at 3:45 in Flight IV, followed by Burton Atherton. Flight III starts at 4:15, and Flight II starts at 5:00. Awards for these three flights will be at 6:30pm. Competition resumes with L’Anse Creuse in Flight I at 7:30pm. Flight I awards are at 9:15pm. The full schedule can be found here.



If you’re curious where your band stands in comparison to everybody prior to competition this Saturday, we encourage you to look at the MCBA CAS Chart. Please note that 10 bands still have yet post scores, so the CAS Chart is likely to radically change in Flights IV, III, and I after competition on 10/22.

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