MCBA Preview: 10/15/11

The 5th week of competition gives us two MCBA competitions on the 15 of October. On the West, you have Cedar Springs, and on the East, Milford hosts ‘Bands Across the Valley.’


Cedar Springs

Two weekends ago, Cedar Springs hosted their annual Red Flannel Invitational (as part of Red Flannel Festival). This weekend, they host an MCBA Invitational at their high school, located at 204 E. Muskegon Street NE. 13 bands, including Cedar Springs, will perform at this competition. Opening Ceremonies are at 5:00pm, and Kent City starts the competition with their 5:15 performance in Flight IV. The breakdown of the schedule is Flight IV, then I, II, and then III. Cedar Springs performs in exhibition at 8:30, and awards are scheduled for 8:50pm. The lineup is available here.


Bands Across the Valley

Milford hosts their competition, Bands Across the Valley, this Saturday at Lakeland High School, which is located at 1630 Bogie Lake Road in White Lake. As part of this partnership, both Milford and Lakeland perform in exhibition in their respective Flights. The event opens at 4:30pm, with competition starting at 4:45 with Bentley in Flight IV. The breakdown is IV, III, II, and then I. Awards for Flights IV, III, and II are at 8:00pm after Milford’s performance. Flight I resumes competition at 8:45 with Novi, and Flight I awards are at 10:30pm, following Lakeland’s exhibition performance.  18 bands will perform, and the line up for times can be found here.

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