Michigan Marching Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a collection of questions we have frequently received. We are making them available to provide the answers to all users, should these questions arise again.


It’s September! Where’s information on [band] or [contest]?

We love and appreciate all of the site users we get annually. Unfortunately, our website is run by two volunteering individuals, who love this activity more than anything. We would love to be able to dedicate all of our time to the site, but we simply cannot. User-submitted information helps us out immensely.

If you are a band parent, student, or director, and have seen competition documentation, please send it to us.

If you are a band director, student, or parent, and have your band’s show information, please send that to us, also!

Can I get a band to participate in my local event?

This is highly very likely, but most band programs will create their schedules nearly a year in advance. Short notice-requests may be unlikely to be fulfilled – the logistics behind mobilizing a band is staggering.

Michigan Marching, unfortunately, does not have the resources to place any inquiring minds in contact with directors regarding this question. We highly recommend contacting your local area high school band programs directly. There are many additional high school bands in Michigan that are not on our site!

Can I get press access to an event?

We are most certain that you can. Unfortunately, we are not a governing body and do not have control over issuing these passes. Please contact either Scholastic Marching Bands or The MCBA with these requests.