Red Flannel Festival 2011

10/01/11, Hosted by Cedar Springs HS

Class Band Rank Score Captions
A* Greenville  II
C Fremont  3 63.4
C Montague  2 74.3
C Ithaca  1 76.6 All
D White Cloud  1 67.3 Music, Vis, Perc
D Fulton  2 53.5 Guard

B Wyoming Park  5 83.6†
B Sparta  3 85.6
B DeWitt  2 86.6 Perc
B Plainwell  4 83.6† Guard
B Newaygo  1 90.6 Music, Visual
B Big Rapids  7 76.4
B Comstock Park  6 82.0
B* Tri-County  I

A* Mona Shores
A Zeeland 3 78.1
A Kenowa Hills 2 83.8 Guard
A Petoskey 1 93.0 Music, Vis, Perc

*: These programs were judged on MSBOA Marching Band sheets and received a Divisional Rating, much like one would at Marching Band Festival. They were not considered part of the competition.
†: Wyoming Park and Plainwell tied in Class B competition. Scholastic requires that all ties be broken, and breaks a tie based upon music score. In the event of a tie, the program with the higher music score receives the higher placement. In this instance, 4th place went to Plainwell, and 5th to Wyoming Park.

Thanks to Chase K., of Byron Center, for providing us with these scores!